White Ash Log
Green Ash Log


White Ash Log
The white ash, also known at cane ash, it the best among the ash species. This rapidly growing tree is popular for making baseball bats and tool handles do to its strength and flexibility..The white ash will commonly grow between 70-80 feet tall and likes rich, moist, well drained soils. If grown in open areas, the tree will produce a nice large canopy making it a popular shade tree.

Green Ash Log
The green ash is one of the most common and abundant species of ash. The tree grows approximately 70 feet tall and can live for up to 100 years, however, 30-50 years is more common. Often mistaken for the white ash, the green ash has many of the same characteristics. The tree is used more for ornamental purposes and is not as popular for commercial purposes as the white ash.

Length: 4m UP
Diameter: 45cm – 65cm
Free trim: 10 cm
Measurement: JAS
Quality: S2S,S4S & sawn grade
Round logs, fresh cut, bark-on, no rot, no crack, straight and round.